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First, concentric power, win-win market

Magnified as a professional silicasol precision casting, in the course of a metal in the survival and development, has formed its own operation and management character and culture, with the operation and development are based on the cultural beliefs, beliefs and principles, constancy, and faithfully executed, the behavior of members of all foreign all needs to maintain uniform with these standards and principles.

We believe that foreign strategic change, leadership can be replaced, and even cultural performance also needs to keep pace with The Times, in short everything can be adjusted, the only way to maintain and lead our only the core of our culture, can only bring faith adhere to the continued growth of the enterprise, only unity will exercise a good team, word "people-oriented, pragmatic innovation" is our tenet.

A strong sense of responsibility

We have a strong sense of responsibility and have the courage to take responsibility for our actions. We are proud of our work, the value we create for each other, and the value we bring to the company. We firmly believe that all people's efforts are worthwhile and we will eventually get the return.

Our values

Earnest and sincere, the foundation of our cause;

Sensitive and rui, the marrow of our profession;

Practical and effective, our performance;

Together, we are a team.